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My problem choosing plants for my pots isn’t color or texture or composition, it’s rate of growth. I get them all packed in there just right, and two weeks later one plant looks like the eighth grade girl who suddenly got boobs and grew taller than every boy in the class. Good for her, but all the boys are looking pretty dweebie. I spend the whole summer taming the wild thing.

This year I discovered a solution. I’d like to say I planned it but it was just accidental. Instead of creating many compositions, I had more small pots with just one type of plant in them and grouped my pots in a nice little arrangement. I place pots the same way you do people in a family picture. Dad and mom in the center with all the kids in front. So in the beginning of the summer, all the posts are tucked nice and tight together and as they grow, I start spreading them out to give them a little elbow room. And when one grows faster and bigger, everybody else just moves over. Here they all are smiling.

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  1. Laurrie February 18, 2013 at 10:43 am

    Exactly! I gave up years ago on planting mixed containers. Only one plant in one container now, then I mix the containers, although I haven’t achieved the artistic balance you show here with massed containers & plants. Need to work on massing pots this year.

    The pot head with draping succulent dreadlocks is great.


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