A Hurricane or a Rastafarian Haircut

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There’s nothing more obnoxious than my retired friends who report (brag) how sunny and warm it is in Florida when I’m sitting up north in freezing rain and snow. Yeah. Whatever. Shut up.

So I just want to say, I’m in Florida this week and it’s sunny and warm. Hurricane Sandy, “The Perfect Storm” just spilled cruel wet injustice over upwards of 50 million people. The coast is destroyed, power is still out to hundreds of thousands. By luck of random flight scheduling, I’m here in Tampa gardening – trimming bushes and my Rasta Man’s bangs, while friends up north are busting out their flashlights and emptying wet basements.

To be fair, I was also here in Tampa this summer preparing for a tropical storm and it was 100º with 100% humidity. Up north it was a perfect 75 and breezy. So we’re kind of even. About as even as my Rastafarian bangs.

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