Gardens of Harvest Inn (part 2)

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The best part about writing a blog is I don’t have to worry about space constraints. I can share all the photos I want until you’re bored silly. This is part 2 of Harvest Inn gardens, located in Napa Valley in California’s wine country. See part 1 if you just can’t get enough flower consumption.


Throughout Harvest Inn’s 8 acre property, tucked along the paths and beneath the cooling canopy of redwoods, are rhododendrons, azaleas, agapanthus and roses. They have to fight for their share of sunshine. Brandon Augustine, the Landscaping Director, is constantly trimming, dividing, and moving specimens. We visited this amazing hotel garden in the fall, but on my tour I learned where the gold is buried. Spring must be stunning when all the bulbs pop.

The fountains are the creations of Brandon. I can’t recall if he shared the name of the artist who made the benches, but it’s probably better I don’t know. I’d be tempted to place an order.


Bordering the vineyard on opposite sides of a courtyard, are two identical buildings. The courtyard they flank is where wedding ceremonies are held. Brandon welded metal trellises with criss-crossing wires (as if his garden skills weren’t enough) to support blue and white wisteria. He trained his staff to prune so that at each intersection of the wires, a dripping wisteria blossom emerges in the spring. Covering the wall behind the trellis is a canvas of ivy. With white roses bordering the vineyard and wisteria blooming on either side, if I were the bride, I’d forgo a bouquet.



I was introduced to tasmanian tree ferns. I’m in love and I’m marrying one in the bridal garden. The handsome fella on the left was thriving under the canopy of an apple tree.


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  1. Kevin February 3, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    Thank you for sharing this Jan. Awesome photos btw and you’re right….all that brickwork deserves a place in a hall of fame somewhere.


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