Wine and Roses

Posted May 17th, 2013 by .

For the 23 years I’ve been a mother, my Mother’s Day desire is to spend the entire day, sunrise to sunset, gardening. Free of obligations.

It Followed Me Home

Posted April 27th, 2013 by .

It’s way too early to buy annuals. It’s still April. It’s still freezing every night. But roaming through my favorite nurseries and looking for motivation,
Sun behind ash

My Big Ash

Posted March 18th, 2013 by .

My tree has talent. Standing perfectly still, it snags flying golf balls like a major league shortstop. We haven’t lost a window in 13 years

Practice Makes Patience

Posted February 12th, 2013 by .

Most gardeners are old people. Why are there no young gardeners? They have perfectly agile fingers for planting seeds, yet they use them for texting.

Attention Grabbing Agave

Posted January 9th, 2013 by .

These two photos are from a recent visit to California’s wine country. The garden design styles couldn’t be more opposite, yet the Agave is the