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  1. Beth Wencil February 28, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    Hello Jan,
    I am a new want-to-be gardener in Bay Village. I have been reading about gardening all winter and saw you featured in an issue of Fine Gardening I had rented from the library. Then I stumbled on your garden on the HGTV site- I was so excited to see such a beautiful garden tagged in Cleveland! I am adding your blog to my favorite websites and just wanted to let you know you have a fan in town!

    I am 26 and have a house on the north side of a shady street in Bay Village. My house was built in 1967 but has almost no landscaping; it also doesn’t stand out among the neighbors. I have always thought a great garden can make a home, so I am working on designing something special for my front yard that will work with my environment of tough clay soil, scant sunlight and large hosta-loving mammals. I grew up helping my dad in his garden just a couple miles away in Rocky River and it is surprising how much more woodland it is in Bay Village- this really turned me off the first two summers in our house. This year, though I am excited to grow a great shade garden and make a welcoming entryway, similar to what you designed for your friends Cheri and Marian!

    Enjoy the rest of your Cleveland winter. I will enjoy reading your blog; maybe I will see you at a garden center. My favorite so far is the Rock Pile. Last year the owner offered to help me with my garden design but I was not ready to tackle it until we took out our biggest shade tree. I will be back there with my drawings soon. Thanks again for the inspiration!

    Beth Wencil


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